Why Insider Threats Are One of the Biggest Security Risks

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Whether they are in route sales, pre-order, delivery or equipment service, many companies want to consolidate their operational route accounting functions and activities into one seamless and efficient integrated software system.

All the details

They want the data to be collected, shared and accessed across departments. They dream of an operational route accounting ERP software solution that facilitates the streaming and distribution of company-wide information on every desktop and mobile device.

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File Cloaking

Make your files invisible to ransomware using proprietary security algorithms. Hackers can’t take, what they can’t see.
Cloud Backup & Restore

Create a secure backup of your files on the cloud allowing for seamless restoration of your data in case of disruption.
Secure Email Share

Share your files securely with friends, family, colleagues, and clients. No password sharing is required – we do everything on our end to provide you with the most convenient and secure solution for file sharing. View only and editable modes allow you to customize the level of access.
Automated Data Restoration

Should your system be attacked, Active Cypher automatically restores your files from the cloud backup or cache – immediately reversing the effects of any attack.
A.I. Threat Learning

Using artificial intelligence, Active Cypher monitors your computer in real-time – examining the process stack to identify activities that exhibit behavior patterns that are typically seen in ransomware attacks. Artificial Intelligence-powered sensors are deployed with aggressive anomaly detection models to proactively identify suspicious executables.
One-Click Cloud Restore

One-Click Cloud Restore allows you to revert your computer back in time and remove all known and unknown malware programs from your computer while maintaining the sanctity of data.
Lightweight yet powerful

With an extremely small client engine using limited memory, Active Cypher makes decisions about critical files with virtually no CPU or disk (IOPS) overhead.
Document Collaboration

Work securely together on projects. Collaborate with coworkers while maintaining the ultimate security of your files.
Large File Support

From heavy movie files to engineering renderings, Active Cypher provides protection to many unprotected classes of files.
Zero Day Threat Updates

Receive the latest updates on zero-day threats that take advantage of previously unknown vulnerabilities.
Automatic Threat Analysis

Automatically analyses possible activity done by a suspicious software in your system. If there is potential ransomware running, you will be notified as the file is removed.
End-to-End Encryption*

Secure data wherever it goes with advanced end-to-end encryption. Available with AES 256 or proprietary Quantum Encryption Standard (QES). Native support for thousands of file types.
GDPR/CCPA Compliance*

Governments have made it clear: encrypt your data or be penalized. Active Cypher helps clients achieve auditable compliance within an afternoon.
Behavioral Detection

Using artificial intelligence, Active Cypher monitors your computer in real-time – examining the process stack to identify activities that exhibit behavior patterns that are typically seen in ransomware attacks.
Remote Worker Security*

On a corporate network, IT teams can easily secure employee computers and company data. This becomes harder to accomplish when an employee retrieves and shares information from outside the network – where devices (company and personal) are exposed to cyberattacks that can steal login credentials or encrypt company data with ransomware.
Quantum-Resilient Encryption*

Using proprietary, innovative technologies that leverage new approaches and unique performance accelerants, Active Cypher developed the most powerful quantum-resilient encryption. Our bit-shifting/bit-stream cipher algorithms were designed to be impervious to brute force attacks based on integer-based prime factorization techniques which have been documented quantum computer infosec world.
Secure Private Cloud*

Leveraging a deep integration with Azure and Active Directory, Active Cypher deploys your own secure private cloud. Synchronizes with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory cloud services. Requires no additional management or programs, nor the knowledge and exchange of keys, certificates, passwords, or secrets.
Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Support*

Real-time data security. No dilution of file governance across cloud storage endpoints. Remote work protected.
Intelligent Threat Response*

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven threat protection and incident response prevent the spread of breaches inside any data center and cloud.
Automated Zero-Trust Architecture*

Never trust, always verify. Identity-centric attributes obtained from Azure Active Directory metadata and evaluated with risk-based escalations.

Runs native with AES 256 or proprietary Quantum Encryption Standard (QES). Newer encryption library standards available to be added.
IT/Compliance Oversight Tools

Single pane of glass compliance measures and risk management in support of the client’s requirements.